Zhejiang air filter manufacturer about how to correctly install filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-05
Air filter is an important part of air compressor, if air compressor without the filter is to can't normal operation, so it have no effect for air compressor, a lot of people for the installation of air compressor filter and is not very good, every time to install a long time, let air filter manufacturer to teach you how to easily install air compressor filter. First, at the time of installation must be put the connection on both up and down, close to live, it also can ensure the safety of the operation personnel, because we also said the front, its main function is to remove dust, so no matter what's connection way, make sure a word: tight. Second, its press filter use after a period of time will be removed for cleaning, cleaning process must not be directly into the oil to clean, and be sure to use the brush lightly brush away dust and other dirt, avoid damage to the filter. Third, is also very important, at the time of installation of air compressor filter must be careful not to water, if the water then its waterproof effect is greatly affected, not only can increase the resistance, when use will shorten the service life. Our operator just did more than three, air compressor vendors would how to install the air filter is very important, installation is also important to good, so I hope through this article we can have more profound knowledge of air filter. 688. html
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