Within the time schedule of the alarm after the filter should be replaced

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-07
Indoors on a hot summer day, and we will use the air-conditioning appliances, air conditioning has a cooling effect, can let us keep in a cool, indoor temperature, let us can be comfortable rest indoors, not affected by the heat outside. Air filter manufacturer told us, comfort air conditioning system, the normal work of the filter, when the final resistance alarm, the time limit for the air filter replacement filter of the maintenance staff as follows: after the alarm time to replace filter. Filter components by end resistance is set to end resistance means the end of the reasonable service life of the filter, but that doesn't mean filter is too old to continue to use again for a few days. Experienced engineers set end resistance, allowing the maintenance personnel easy to replace filter. The end resistance value set too high, the deadline time is short, set too low, the deadline is paused. D the right answer. For this problem, the guy didn't know 'set time'. Take part in the training of the students is the 'white-collar' some command bunkers, if you have this problem, the guy at the hands of the review yourself how you think of the end resistance. Air conditioning in the process of long-term use, often appear problem, the factors which lead to these problems, a large part, is because the filtration performance of filter is abate, cause a lot of dirt accumulation, make air conditioning can't work normally. 579. html
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