Which Rigid box filter company doing OBM?
OBM is currently growing. Most Rigid box filter manufacturers retail their own branded products which are the entire products or component parts made by a second company. Guangzhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co.,Ltd. is such a producer. The OBMs will be responsible for everything including the manufacturing and development, supply chain, delivery along with the promotion. The partnership with the OBMs can help sustain the company development.

HaoAir Purification has been called as an expert in the industry, with years of experience and expertise in the manufacturing of static pass box. HaoAir Purification has created a number of successful series, and surgical scrub sink is one of them. HAOAIRTECH sole cleaning machine is done through several basic processes. It will be cut, sewn, fiber washed, dyed and decorated. The product is widely used for high-end clean rooms of various manufacturers. The product has the advantage of communicating information. It provides ingredient information, instructions for use, features, and benefits. The product assures an extremely high-efficient manufacturing process.

HAOAIRTECH values and practices the core values of shower room. Ask online!
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