When using the filter need to pay attention to?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-06
For car parts now everyone know, not professional mechanic and it takes more than a decade of experience really can repair, car of the filter has what function? It said the filter manufacturer. Engine air, oil, fuel filter, commonly known as'/'. Respectively for engine air intake system, lubrication system and filtering the medium inside the combustion system. Air filter is located in the engine air intake system, it is composed of one or a few clean air filter of parts assembly. Its main role is filter will enter in the air cylinder harmful impurities, to reduce the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat early wear. The air filter type two kinds, namely, dry and wet. Dry type air cleaner is through a dry filter, ( Such as paper filter) To isolate the impurities in the air filter. Light vehicle ( Including cars, minivans) Air filter is commonly used in the single stage. Its shape is oval or elliptical and plate type. Or nonwoven filter material for filters. Filter plate with metal or polyurethane, shell material is metal or plastic. Under the rated air volume flow, the filter of the original filtration efficiency shall be not less than 99. 5%. Heavy car because of the bad work environment, the air filter must be the most. The first level of vortex flow prefilter ( Such as blade ring, vortex tube, etc. ) , is used to filter out rough impurity particles, fine filtration efficiency over 80%, the second is microporous filter paper filter ( Commonly referred to as the main filter) , the filtration efficiency of 99. More than 5%. Main filter after another security filter, its effect is when install and replace the cartridge, or in the main filter accidental damage to prevent dust from entering the engine. Safe core material for nonwovens, and using the filter paper. Wet air filter include oil-immersed and oil bath type two kinds. Oil-immersed is soaked through an oil filter, the separation of impurities in the air, the filter material with metal silk, also has a foam material. Oil bath type air is sucked into the dust of the import oil pool and be removed most of the dust, and up in the air with oil mist flows through a wire winding element into the further filtering, oil droplets and dust that was stopped to return to the oil pool. Oil bath type air filter is usually used for agricultural institutions and Marine power. Oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. It is oil pump upstream, downstream is need lubricating parts in the engine. The role of harmful impurities in the oil from the oil pan filter, crankshaft, connecting rod, CAM shaft to clean the oil supply, turbocharger, piston ring, such as motion pair, lubrication, cooling and cleaning effect, so as to prolong the service life of these parts, oil filter according to the structure points are removable, rotary type, centrifugal type; According to the arrangement in the system can be divided into full flow, split type. Oil filter filtration material used by filter paper, felt, metal mesh, nonwoven fabric, etc. You first learn about their structure. Filter in the car is a very important role, and options to dry wet type needs to be clear, if you can't change, can choose for professionals. 600. html
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