When the car maintenance oil filter need to be replaced?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-12
Oil filter has a very important role in the car, is a very important component, is useful in addition to the automobile industry to the oil filter, used in other mechanical equipment also is very good, it is used to give oil impurities to filter out, I need more of clean gasoline, does not contain any impurities, pure gasoline such machinery, equipment or car can be able to work better, then the car at the time of maintenance of oil filter need not to need to replace? Actually don't want to change when maintenance car parts is most in need of maintenance in maintenance oil filter and change the oil for automobile maintenance done is washing the car, so now there are a lot of places to drive the car, car maintenance is the most often should check part of the tire surface and air pressure, cooling water, brake oil, oil scale. About engine maintenance place is, the main five maintenance air filter and regularly (often Per 20000 km) Replacement; Regular cleaning fuel system on a regular basis ( Per 30000 km) Replace the fuel filter; On a regular basis ( 30000 km) Maintenance of water tank outside heat supply network; On a regular basis ( 40000 km or driving conditions) Replace spark plug; Using the appropriate level of engine oil on a regular basis ( Per 5000 km) Replace the oil and filter. You want to remember, car maintenance is very important. In case, our car at the time of maintenance, oil filter is not necessarily want to change, the need to maintain and clean place is our oil filter, only do this material can ensure better use oil filter, better serve our people, but also can prolong the service life of oil filter. Late oil filter did not maintain good, need to change, please contact us, our main products are air filter, filter, filter oil filter and some other type of product. Welcome calls to order, if you have any need to know also can contact us, we will give you the most satisfactory answer. 641. html
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