What's the air filter for? Air filter manufacturers to say so

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-26
Air filter a lot of people don't understand, is actually to provide clean air, machinery and equipment in order to prevent these mechanical equipment in the work not carefully suction impurity particles and increase the rate of damage to machinery and equipment. So how do we install the air filter? Introduce you to the following air filter manufacturer. 1, when installation, air filter and engine intake pipe between whether using flange, rubber hose connection or direct connection, must be closely, prevent leakage, filter two end must install rubber gasket; Fixed air cleaner cover wing nut cannot be screwed too tight, so as not to crush the filter paper. 2, in the maintenance, the paper filter must not put in oil cleaning, otherwise the paper filter effect, also easy to cause accident. Maintenance, only using vibration method, soft brush division ( To follow the buckling brush) Or compressed air blow method to remove adhesion in paper dust and dirt on the surface of the filter element. Part of strainer, should keep clear of dust, the dust in the leaves and the place such as cyclone tube. Even if to elaborate maintenance, every time the paper filter can effectively restore the original performance, the intake resistance increases, therefore, generally when the paper filter needs 4 maintenance, a new filter should be replaced. If the paper filter appear rupture, degumming, perforation or filter paper and the end cover should be replaced immediately. 3, when use, carefully about core air cleaner drenched with rain, because once the paper core is a large amount of moisture adsorption, will greatly increase the intake resistance, shorten the mission. In addition, the air filter paper core cannot contact with oil and fire. 4, some vehicle engine equipped with cyclone air filter, filter paper the end of the plastic cover is a dome, cover on the air rotating blades, 80% of the dust under the action of centrifugal force, separation and collection in the arms of dust reaches the paper filter dust is inhalation of dust amount of 20%, the total filtration efficiency in 99. About 7%. Therefore, maintenance of cyclone air filter, be careful not to will filter the plastic dome on the packing. The above four is the process of installing air filter, although look very complicated to operate, but for professional man is familiar with the daily work, so for operation personnel is relatively simple. 687. html
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