What kind of material will be better air filter to use

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-27
Now many of the consumer to the protection of their car have regularly, many parts of automobile needs certain maintenance, air filter manufacturer to tell you the air filter to use what kind of material will be better, more convenient maintenance. There were many filter filter material, such as cellulose, felt, cotton yarn, non-woven fabric, metal wire and glass fiber yarn, etc. , basic replaced by resin impregnated paper filter, with the rapid development of world auto industry, with filter paper as filter material has been used by the world auto filter industry widely accepted. Air filter and oil bath type air filter paper core in comparison with more advantages: one is the filtration efficiency is as high as 99. 5% ( Oil bath type air filter is 98%) Dust, transmittance is only 0. 1% - 0. 3%; Second, compact structure, can be installed on any location, not limited by vehicle parts layout; Three is to maintain without fuel consumption, but also save a lot of materials such as cotton, felt and metal materials; Small four is quality, low cost. Therefore, the driver can be at ease use. With the rapid development of automobile industry, a lot of the parts of development, the demand is rising, also got a lot of customers agree, air filter also need to often check replacement, so as not to appear a few accidents. 585. html
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