What is the scope of application of oil filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-07
Oil filter is the main filtering products, it is able to is very good in the hydraulic system of CPC items, filtering, can be very good to exclude some impurities, used the good material, finally ensure the service life of the use of more long, stress is more good, don't take some burr and so on. Suction pipe line hydraulic oil filter, oil line ( Tank - — Hydraulic pump imports) Or directly in the oil suction filter is installed in the fuel tank of hydraulic pump protection necessary measures, its precision is generally 100 ~ 180 microns, depending on the different pump self-priming ability to determine, flow resistance is too big lead to hydraulic pump cavitation. Pressure pipeline hydraulic oil filter, oil pipeline filter, not only is to protect its downstream components, as the main oil filter oil pollution, guarantee system through efficient purification of oil itself, also have very good protection effect for hydraulic pump, filtration precision of 5 - 10 microns, the filter pressure big, vibration also is very hot, the pressure pipeline oil filter the permission of the differential pressure, according to the different pressure levels, in the range 0. 3 to 0. 7MPa。 As a ground equipment in pressure pipeline oil filter, considering cost, installation space, NengDaZeDa. Back to the oil pipeline hydraulic oil filter, all kinds of components in the process of work produced by the grinding grain and so on all kinds of dirt can be set via the return pipe of oil filter and intercepted, avoid again and again by hydraulic pump suction tank. Back to the oil pipe line filter the permission of the differential pressure, according to the different pressure levels, in the range 0. 3 to 0. 5MPa。 Specify the accuracy according to the oil pollution requirements. Back to the oil pipe line filter Settings to consider more factors to some, is one of the important factors of hydraulic impact, especially with the hydraulic cylinder and proportional valve upstream cases, under the high pressure hydraulic cylinder of the reversing and suddenly drop electric proportional valve, will have a great moment of traffic impact, the oil filter filter could do a lot of damage, in the design of return pipe fully when the oil filter to realize, on the structure shall be strengthened. Mainly applied to petrochemical industry, oil field pipeline filter; Refueling equipment, engineering machinery equipment fuel filter; Water treatment industry equipment filter; Pharmaceutical and food processing field. Oil filter is merely one of auto parts, and is capable of carrying out the good is used in the air filter, the quality is excellent, continuous use of effectively, through their own maintenance, finally the effect of the show is very good, the applicable range is very wide, development prospect is very wide. 537. html
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