What is the influence of inferior filter on the engine

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-20
Within the configuration of the car is very much, a lot of little women drivers know the knowledge of the car, so often appear some problems, filter manufacturer first tell all inferior filter driver is has a great influence on engine. 1. Using low price of filter paper filter, because of its large filter aperture, poor uniformity and low filtration efficiency, the engine can not be effectively filter harmful impurities, cause the engine early wear. 2. Use low-quality adhesive, and dosage is very few, neither oil resistant, but not strong adhesive, shorting filter stick it; Use staples or filter the joint connection, unable to seal and short circuit, make a lot of harmful impurities into the engine, reduce engine life. 3. To ordinary rubber instead of oil resistant rubber parts, in the process of using or filter internal short circuit formed by the internal seal seal failure cause engine early wear and cutting life or expansion deformation of external the seals, causing oil filter outside sealing ring out, a short time, a large number of drainage, make the engine burn watts, holding shaft, suffered severe damage. 4. Air filter shell parts welding with alternative spot welding seam welding, no guarantee that the sealing, form a short circuit. 5. With thin and thick oil filter center tube material, strength is not enough, in use process because of center pipe, flat absorption filter breakage blocking oil, the engine lubrication; Or bite poor reliability, bite mouth opened in use process, the oil in a short time, a large number of leakage, thus cause the tile burning, holding shaft. 6. Filter plate, center pipe, casing and other metal parts, without antirust processing, cause metal corrosion impurities, the filter into a pollution source. What is more, to cement instead of adhesive, its harm is greater. Inferior filter price is very big, therefore, suggest that you should be careful when each user replacing filter. Best to choose original accessories, in order to avoid unnecessary economic losses. Many women like to covet petty gain, but it is undeniable that the result is very poor, so still polish eyes, do not have so much high cost performance products in the world. 597. html
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