What is the effect of different oil filter has

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-05
Because different devices are in use such accessories are different to the requirement of his, so as to enables the equipment to very good, so the market will appear filter, air filter, oil filter and other similar products, but they are different, the effect of the filter manufacturers is to what is the effect of different oil filter with 1, float type oil filter, in order to make oil pump work well, it is necessary to the larger particles in the lubricating oil before entering the oil pump to remove impurities, this mission by integrating filter. 2, strainer series between the oil pump and main oil way, so it is also called the full flow filter, used to remove larger impurities from the oil. The general at home and abroad is paper filter. 3, fine filter, its effect is to filter out smaller impurities in lubricating oil, usually with the main oil passage in parallel, which has two kinds of centrifugal and paper plate. 4, centrifugal fine filter structure: a hollow shaft fixed on the shell, the daughter and the end set into an organic whole, is located on the thrust bearing, can turn freely around the rotor shaft. Gland nut tighten rotor turn cover and daughter together, in spring pressure, in order to limit the rotor axial movement, under the rotor is equipped with two mutual into reverse nozzle. Is such a difference when in use according to different production requirements will choose to use, but it is important to note that when using security problems, in this way can make oneself is in a safe working environment. 556. 超文本标记语言
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