What is the difference between diesel oil filter and oil filter?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-05
Filter is a kind of auto filters, oil can filter out some of the solid impurities, can make the liquid used in the place, also be very important to a car protection, there are many kinds of filter is, such as air filter, air compressor air filter, pump, air filter, air filter, air compressor pump air filter, filter manufacturers today don't say this, however, say diesel oil filter and oil filter, interested can look at. The difference between diesel oil filter and oil filter diesel filter mainly is suspended solids, particulate filter. As a result of the diesel oil viscosity, liquidity is good, smaller so the filter aperture is smaller. Oil filter mainly filter work in the oil colloid material, mechanical wear of the debris, etc. , due to the oil viscosity is bigger, so the pore diameter of filter element is bigger also. We all know that the filter aperture is different, different diameter of filter can distinguish the filtering material is not the same, the high quality filter has the function of the 'filter' choice, it will be according to the specific need to filter the impurities of the impurity in the fluid selective filtering. So, be careful when choosing filter products. As we are now living standard unceasing enhancement, the car is also more and more, so the filter has also been a very important role, if has the need to buy lv consumers can contact our filter filter manufacturers, at the same time there are air compressor air filter, pump, air filter, air filter, air compressor pump air filter, air filter, welcome customers in need to order. 643. 超文本标记语言
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