What are the cause of the air compressor air filter clogging

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-25
Air compressor air filters are an important part of the equipment, can play a big role, it can run. Air compressor air filter is expendable, however, when using a certain time limit will need to be replaced, but many users will often encounter why you use air compressor air filter will often jams, clearly did not exceed the time limit stipulated by using, have blocked to can't use, what reason is this? One, related to the installed air filter's own quality, if the quality of the air compressor air filter is not good, or the use of air filter does not accord with the model of air compressor, can appear empty filter clogging phenomenon, even in the new time, the filtering effect is not ideal, lead to air compressor damaged work. Second, with the screw air compressor working environment has much to do, if too much dust in the environment, poor air quality, also easy to cause the air compressor air filter due to the large workload and appear jams phenomenon. At this time of the air compressor can be considered the suction end to the air cleaner. Three, air compressor working environment at higher temperature or humidity is too big, also easily lead to impurities metamorphic adhesion, air filter. Four, outside pressure rated conditions, also easy to cause the filter and lube oil change cycle shorter, serious word, also can cause air compressor machine downtime and damage such as the occurrence of danger. Through above, I believe you also want to know to the cause of the air compressor air filter clogging, so we must according to the professional charge, proper use of air compressor, on a regular basis for air compressor is very appropriate to the various parts of internal overhaul and maintenance, reduce the happening of the accident. Air compressor air filter manufacturer at the time of production, are very pay attention to quality. If you need to buy air compressor air filter, welcome to inquire our air compressor air filter manufacturer. 683. html
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