What about the lead time of hepa air cleaner from placing a order to delivery?
This depends on the order quantity of hepa air cleaner and the production plan of Guangzhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co.,Ltd.. The promise is that the order will be processed as quickly as we can. Orders are processed in order. When demand is strong, the production line will run at full capacity. We can control every production process very well. It will take a while.

HaoAir Purification is a well-known sole cleaning machine manufacturing company. Experience and expertise are two important aspects that ensure the company remains at the top of its game. HaoAir Purification has created a number of successful series, and Pleated Air Filter is one of them. The production of HAOAIRTECH bag filter is eco-friendly and does not generate any water, air or noise pollution. And the cleaning process guarantees it is meticulously cleaned and free of dust and odor. It highly conforms to the dustless workshop management standard. This high-quality product helps avoid possible inflammation caused by bacteria or fungi. It is comfortable and breathable to wear throughout the day. The product is widely used for high-end clean rooms of various manufacturers.

HAOAIRTECH’s strategic vision is to become a world-class dispensing booth company with global competitiveness. Get info!
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