Wet inertia type air filtration equipment maintenance notice what is it

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-11
In a lot of equipment is there will be a filter, oil filter and other filter equipment, through the they can equipment in the production of time won't have what problem, to produce products or is in use is good. But we also know that in use after a period of time will have a problem, the need for maintenance work at this moment, the inertia type air filter manufacturer said for wet air filtration equipment maintenance note 1, clean the oil pan and oil change on a regular basis. When an oil change, should make the oil viscosity is moderate. The mesh of the viscosity is too large, easy to jam with devices, increasing inlet resistance; The oil viscosity is too small, reduced dust adhesion ability, splashing oil easily drawn into the cylinder at the same time to participate in the combustion, carbon deposition. 2, the CPC surface height should be moderate, oil pool. The oil should be added to the oil pan scribed line between up and down or arrow mark. Oil level is too low, oil shortage, the filtration effect is poor; Oil level is too high, too much oil, easily drawn into the cylinder combustion, and can lead to 'ride'. 3, the dry filter type filtration of maintenance to maintain this makes equipment to use for a long time, will not because what kind of problems in use and affect the normal operation. 553. html
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