To identify the quality of the air compressor air filters

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-25
In our daily life, the air compressor air filter is very important, we all know that the main purpose of the air compressor air filter is to enter the system of the dust in the air filter is clean,. We all know that the function of the filter element and quality directly affects the normal work and service life of the host. In addition to the regularly or for filter Chen Chen maintenance or replacement in advance, the more the priority is how to select good in the start air compressor air filters. Today we are air filter manufacturers say the quality of the air compressor air filters. The quality of the air compressor air filter to identify 1. Waterproof performance, filter paper should have excellent waterproof performance, filter paper waterproof performance, and will accelerate the air compressor air filters block 2. Filter area, efficient filter material, the fiber structure of professional design, can effectively guarantee the filtration precision and filtration area, finally can prolong the service life of air filter. 3. High quality casing and seal, we can ensure that air filter itself and compression strength, stiffness and the change of environmental temperature cases, reliable sealing. 4. Capacity of large quantities of dust filter, can the dust adsorption to live, and not completely blocked the gap in fiber, clean to prevent air circulation. Above is the quality of the air compressor air filter difference method, you might as well choose air compressor air filters of time attention, it is good or bad determines the air compressor will be the key to good operation. But we sell oil filter, air filter, air compressor air filter, the need to welcome to contact calls. 652. html
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