Through these points to judge how the quality of the air filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-10
Car running environment is generally more bad, although it is a cement road, have no the sand float in the sky of circumstances, but poor air quality is a bit, in addition, some tiny dust is inevitable, therefore, we will install the air filter in the car. Then how to choose the air filter? Packaging good air filter will have an independent packaging, brand, will the box set of good clean transparent bag. And inferior manufacturers generally do not have mark, even without the outer packing, stock purchase merchants are four filter a big packing case. Good to fit the weight of the filter because its material is better, in the upper and lower end cover and inside and screen surface is relatively hard iron material, it can obviously feel much heavier, we from the very good quality on the market 2036 weight can reach 2 inner core. 1 kg, and cheap can vary more than 1 kg, this point is better recognition. Outside the filter net friends support machine can use two hands grip the filter, hard pressure, good support networks outside is very strong, deformation will be small, and can restore the same. This effect is not easy deformation, the stab injury within the filter paper, make it invalid filter, because in many cases, thickening of filter dust, inspiratory become demanding, will cause an inward extruding to assembly, good support networks outside, can prevent this kind of situation caused serious consequences to the quality of the glue if you want to be on the safe side, can buy a home, with a hammer to knock the top and bottom end face, to see if there will be a glue off. Inferior filter, often intense vibration occurs within loader, glue will be shattered, directly into the engine inside, have catastrophic consequences. A good filter, after hitting, won't appear the sound of the debris. Filter material before buy, ask the owner, this kind of filter material, although pure pulp on market mostly in the filter paper, but in order to extend the service life of filter element, recommend a kind of more advanced filter paper, such as HV paper, which have higher resistance to water, after water permeability is higher. Don't blindly believe high filterability of filter paper, sometimes some manufacturers in order to achieve high filtration precision, using poor permeability filtration material, cause the engine air intake resistance is very big. Once air intake resistance is big, the engine air inflow will be insufficient, inadequate combustion in the very high fuel consumption. Should through the above points, consumers can choose a high quality oil filter products, mainly on the market has two kinds of paper and oil filter, oil filter manufacturer is advised to choose better filter, long service life, better filtering effect, and the cleaning maintenance is very convenient. 611. html
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