This is the right time the maintenance of the filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-04
The use of the car has been more and more broad, Mercedes BMW and so on the old cars now seems to have in common, and in order to keep the car running there is a need to be aware of is the use of air filter. In daily use should be how to protect the air filter? ( 1) Regular cleaning and replace filter. In use should be stipulated in the automobile maintenance often clean air filter dust chamber and filter, so as not to filter on the adhesion of dust increases with excessive intake resistance, reduce the engine power, increase fuel consumption. As stipulated in the manufacturer of the replacement cycle element changes, such as filter damaged should be replaced timely more, generally 5000 km should clean a filter; About 20000 km a filter should be replaced. ( 2) Installed correctly. Check the maintenance, the filter gasket must be installed in the in situ indeed, in order to prevent the air without filter into the cylinder, the deformation of rubber sealing washer is easy to fall off, aging, air flows in seal gap, bring a lot of dust into the cylinder. Such as seal aging deformation, fracture, a new product should be replaced. Paper filter compressive ability is low, not too tight, otherwise easy to put the paper filter pressure bad, affect the filtration effect. ( 3) Filter option. General recognition from the packaging and appearance quality and inferior filter, can also be used in the inspection after installation, such as with the new filter, car emissions of carbon monoxide levels of element is carbon monoxide emissions standard, said the filter permeability difference of the filter is not qualified. ( 4) The characteristics of the paper filter and cleaning method. This filter USES the microporous filter paper, surface treated with resin, when the engine work, filter will stick around with a layer of dust, clean without water or oil, in order to prevent the impregnation of oil and water filter. Commonly used cleaning method has two kinds: one is tapping method, the filter from the shell, paper filter face gently, make the dust off. Tapping oil filter surface, but may not prevent damage the filter paper, reduce the filtration effect. Second, purging method, which USES compressed air from the filter inside to the outside, blowing dust clean. But not more than 294 ~ 600 kpa compressed air pressure, in order to prevent damage to the oil filter. Correct selection and use of maintenance for the role of the car is not small, one is to reduce friction between cylinder and piston, so it can extend the service life of automobile engines, more important is for cars run normally have very good help. 604. html
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