The use of oil filter and the filtering effect

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-08
Understanding of the vehicle is very important for us to drive. Only better know the structure and the problems between vehicles. When vehicles need maintenance or updates won't be pit was black. So much to know the importance of car parts is obvious. This time, to say and you simple oil filter manufacturer about the use of filter and the filtering effect. Oil filter use time is very difficult to accurately answer this question, because the oil filter the effective use of time is decided by two factors: one, how much impurity, when the oil filter to limit the ability of the adsorption of impurities, oil filter service life is effectively; 2, temperature and filter paper machine, carbonation resistance, high temperature machine with normal temperature, the service life of the oil filter is not the same, high temperature model will greatly accelerate the filter paper, carbide shortened filter paper effective use of time. In addition, the difference of filter paper effective use of time will be very short, normally use, with good quality oil filter filtration time is around 2000 - effectively 2500 hours. Oil filter filtering effect oil filter do? As the name implies, the oil filter is used to filter oil impurities, this is the true function of oil filter, but the oil filter filtration principle, is a question of more than 95% of people will be ignored. A lot of people might think that the oil filter is established by intercepting filter, the higher the accuracy, the better the filtering effect, fearing filtration precision is high, the oil filter is easy to jam. Actually everybody into a myth, the oil filter filtering accuracy and filtering effect, there are some relationship between filtering effect but the real decision, not filtration precision, but the oil filter adsorption ability of filter paper. The greater the amount of dust, the stronger the adsorption, filtering effect is better. Fiber filter filtering effect is good, because let dust is very big, strong adsorption ability and carbonation resistance ability. But the price is very expensive, fiber filter and filter paper factory does not retail, customised need large quantities of quantities, if the oil filter is not particularly big sales, it's hard to do custom fiber filter, which is the main reason why very few people use fiber filter paper. The use of the vehicle medium oil filter is very necessary. Better understanding can better help the solution of the vehicle. At the same time, the oil filter or need to know some basic function. How was oil filter filtration, long time is not long, and so on are very necessary. Filter manufacturers selling high quality air filter, oil filter. And to provide the high quality service. Welcome to inquire. 635. html
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