The role of the air compressor air filter should look at

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-23
Air compressor is are used in many machines, common air conditioning compressor, refrigerator compressor, auto air compressor. Our factory mainly produces automobile air compressor air filter. Air compressor is generally need to use the air filter, otherwise will be out of order. The role of the air compressor air filter is also very important. Let's air compressor air filter manufacturer to tell you the effect of air compressor air filter. The role of the air compressor air filter first, because of the air compressor suction nature contains impurities such as water and dust in the air, the compressed air compressor are part of the lubricating oil will turn into gas. So, the air compressor directly discharge the compressed air contains water, oil and dust. If above impurities of compressed air directly to the pneumatic system is used, can make the reliability of pneumatic device system is greatly reduced, and shorten its service life, and the resulting losses will be very large, so the correct selection of air compressor filters is very necessary. In addition, if you don't use air compressor filters, compressed air is inhaled from the inner wall of pipeline caused by loss of solid impurities such as rust, if these impurities in the direction of sliding valve clearance or pressure control valve seat, can cause a bad action. Basically all cars will be installed air compressor air filter, which is for car safety, because there is no air compressor air filter, air compressor chance to appear some problems, which affect our normal use of the car. If you need to buy air compressor air filter, please choose our air compressor air filter manufacturer. You can go to our product center to look at our product. 665. html
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