The maintenance methods of air cleaner must understand

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-31
Air filter is a filter used in auto products, are widely used in our life, because it can filter out the garbage, clean gasoline used in the car, bring some protection for the car, prolong its service life, we use time long can also be found in the process of use, but no matter what are very important to maintain, the maintenance of the air filter technique is what kind of? Actually can from the following several aspects to understand. Air filter to share common maintenance skills: 1, check and clean the filter on the centrifugal dust hood vents, keep it open, pour all the dust of the dust pan, and hair brush to brush the dust on the net flow deflector 2, oil pan oil level should be keep in the oil level mark in the oil pan. Oil level is too low, influence filter filtration effect; Oil level is too high, increase the air intake resistance and oil suction cylinder, due to carbon deposition, and even lead to 'ride' 3, regular cleaning oil pan and oil change. The oil viscosity must be appropriate, viscosity is too big, easy jams mesh, affected by air, increase air intake resistance; Viscosity is too small, to reduce the filter filtration effect, easy to oil suction cylinder. Using the precipitation of waste oil, more economical and practical 4, regular cleaning filter mesh. If the mesh plate smudgy serious, should clean the upper screen at the same time. Dry after cleaning and oil soaked, drops of refitted after all excess oil. If the suction pipe inner surface dust is more, should also be combined with maintenance to be 5, foam plastic air filter cleaning and maintenance, main is to clear the accumulation of dust and clean the plastic filter shell. Cleaning filter to use detergent or soap solution, filter in cleaning fluid with the hand gently knead crowded, wash the stolen goods, rinse it again, will again after dry filter soaked with oil, with the hand to squeeze to excess oil. 682. 超文本标记语言
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