The diesel filter of different tectonic pattern is on the market

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-10
A lot of equipment used by the oil is diesel, such equipment will need to install the oil filter, only such ability in the process of use does not have what problem, and it can play in the process of use to the extreme. Because of the different devices are in use when it comes to choosing appropriate equipment, so the air filter manufacturer can produce several tectonic pattern of diesel oil filter. Here are several diesel filter 1, to introduce this filter filter. Make the oil through a small filter, oil will be mixed with the impurities limit down, make the oil clean the oil from the people and a half, used for friction surface lubrication, the type of tank filter directly in the lubrication cycle system, and most of the oil ministry flows through it, so called the full flow filter! Filter diesel filter according to its filtration with filter structure type is different, can divide again for paper filter, wire wound and blade etc. Various type! 2, the centrifugal diesel filter. Make oil by centrifugal force, the mixed hybrid sulfonated separation, make the cleaning of oil flow is inside the oil pan and the type of filter and lubrication system and installation, its effect on the oil filtration, only after the filtration of machine oil, huai does not give away soil and direct return to the oil sump. Is the filter makes the equipment in the process of use will not have what kind of block phenomenon to appear, and will increase the efficiency of work a lot. 562. html
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