The development of the filter manufacturer

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-20
Filter is a kind of product, very real life, we always need to use to the car, the vehicle can be very good driving on the road, there is a very important reason is the precision instruments and connection. So our cars in life is made up of many parts. Perfect cooperation of each kind of components, will make better use of cars. Filter is used to filter out into the engine oil, fuel oil, mechanical impurities in the air, to protect the engine crankshaft connecting rod movement, fuel injection system of precision accidentally a piston ring and cylinder liner does not occur abnormal wear and tear, the engine of economic indicators, dynamic indexes, reliability and emissions targets with the normal play of the ( The attached) A. Filter product category filter product manufacturing industry in China, including air, oil, fuel filter, respectively for engine air intake system, lubrication system and filtering the medium inside the combustion system. Technical standards of filter products is divided into four levels: national standards, industry standards and local standards and enterprise standards. According to its content is divided into technical conditions, test methods, the size of the connection, series parameters, quality classification. Cleaner production enterprises to implement product standards how to form a complete set of requirements, along with the increase in the domestic makers joint venture and new models, international standards ( ISO) And some advanced countries filter technology standard is also introduced to use accordingly. Such as Japan's ( HS) , the United States ( SAE) , Germany ( DIN) , French ( NF) And so on, is the average user filter ( The driver and pit) , need to understand the standard should be a technical conditions. China's filter manufacturers in the production of filter, are to be carried out in accordance with the standards and regulations in accordance with the quality of production. Use rise more convenient, more suitable for China's car. Filter manufacturers in the production of filter, oil filter, air filter, are very pay attention to quality. Only more good quality, use rise is the most effective, most convenient. 624. html
is a modern ffu filter units widely used in HEPA air filters industry. It also enhances the quality High efficiency hepa air filter value of the products.
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