The air filter maintenance

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-27
Air filter is the key link in the filter, it is necessary, also want special attention in the process of using and maintenance, but there are still many people ignore this, think you should just buy back used, but in fact not, air filter of the maintenance is very important. Air filter manufacturer is to say with you the specific. 1, the filter is the core component of the filter, made of special materials, belong to wearing parts, need special maintenance, maintenance; 2, when the filter after long time work, the filter has blocked certain impurities, lead to the increase of the pressure, the decrease of the flow, this will require timely cleaning; 3, at the time of cleaning, it is important to note that cannot make filter deformation or damage. According to the use of raw materials, the service life of filter element is also different, but with longer duration of use, can jam the impurities in the water filter, so in general PP filters need to replace three months; Activated carbon filter six months need to change; And because fiber filter can't clean, usually placed in the back-end of the PP cotton and activated carbon use, not easy to cause congestion; Usually can use 9 - ceramic filter 12 months. Correct and timely air filter maintenance, after all, can improve the work efficiency of the air filter can also slow the scrap rate of the air filter. As the saying goes, a knife and your job, this is very reasonable, consumers do not produce cleaning and maintenance of the air filter is a waste of time. 582. html
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