Tell me about the dangers of inferior filter filter manufacturer

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-18
Filter is one component of the essential in vehicles, not as in the entire circulatory system filter will be little better optimization system, such as air filter, such as oil filter, etc. No matter what kind of filter, as long as it is quality is bad, suggest don't use. Tell me about the dangers of inferior filter today let filter manufacturer. 1. Inferior oil filter impurities in the oil into the engine compartment, eventually leading to engine wear caused serious damage. While the air filter is about health and vehicle dynamics. 2. Use low-quality adhesive, strong adhesive, not cause filter stick it short circuit; Make a large number of harmful impurities into the engine, can reduce the service life of diesel engines. 3. Inferior air-conditioning filter, used to be effective in addition to the toxic gas in the air, easy to mildew bacterium, in such an environment for a long time, for himself and his family are bad health. 4. Replace the oil resistant rubber pieces with ordinary rubber parts. In use process, due to internal seal seal failure, the formation of internal short circuit, filter the part containing impurities of oil or air, directly into the engine. The engine early wear. 5. Bad air filter will increase the air intake resistance, engine power drop, increase fuel consumption, produce the carbon deposit. 6. Filter plate, center pipe, casing and other metal parts, without antirust processing, cause metal corrosion impurities, the filter into a pollution source. The use of inferior filter can cause the damage of the vehicle and the damage to the oil circulation system, so consider when buying filter for formal qualified products. At the same time to check and arrange. Better use of air filter, better maintenance of air filter, vehicle traffic, more safety. Has the need to filter, air filter, oil filter manufacturers welcome to inquire. 637. 超文本标记语言
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