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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-18
For the car, each part is very important, and the best state to keep the car needs to be replaced periodically auto parts, oil filter is one of them. In the auto repair industry has a saying that if the engine is the heart of the automobile, oil is the lifeblood of the car, the oil filter is the oil of the lung, clear can be filtered waste from the car. The machine filter: why do you want to change regularly? Use after a period of time machine oil filter, filter will gather many sludge and metal debris, with the decrease of filtration efficiency and the oil pressure through the filter will also greatly reduced. Oil pressure down to a certain degree, the machine filter bypass valve will open, not to filter oil will enter the oil through the bypass, carrying impurities increases parts wear and tear, serious when may block oil duct, cause mechanical failure. So, the machine filter need to be replaced regularly. Normally, often use the car every 8000 km, need to change the oil filter; Dusty, poor, if travel environment should shorten the replacement cycle, suggest you to change once every 5000 km. An oil change must be more replacement filter? Every oil change at the same time, the quality qualified oil filter must be replaced and the reasons are as follows: 1, no more replacement filter for a long time, can make the machine filter blockage due to dirt deposition, pollutant flows directly into the engine, aggravate wear parts; 2, only oil change and not a replacement filter, so the pollutants inside the old machine filter will re-enter the fresh oil in circulation, lost meaning for an oil change. That how can we identify the stand or fall of oil filter? Appearance: 1, the shell surface print clearly, paint and surface texture; 2, before delivery is equipped with protection bags, interface butter lubrication protection seal in good condition; 3, gasket sealing material, rubber parts. Structure: 1, with internal bypass valve and ensure that any state has enough oil supplies; 2, with inhibition of return design, ensure the machine filter of the next start required to oil, reduce the cold start wear. 3, material: 1, filter material density is moderate, ensure excellent filterability and service life; 2, filter the metal oil net form standard, ensure the oil throughput. Filter manufacturers suggest dear friends like diy repair the car, when change the oil filter to the best professional manufacturer of premium oil filter, don't covet a cheap or easily and buy inferior oil filter. 592. 超文本标记语言
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