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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-29
A car, the existence of the filter is very important, can be gas transfer of lubricating oil in the lubricating oil can play normal function, after buy filter, filter manufacturer will be installed correctly, and also to remind consumers to maintain the filter regularly. ( 1) Oil and gas filter bolt falls off the finesse of a air compressor in the replacement of new oil and gas filter, fixed filter installed at the bottom of the oil and gas collecting cover bolts ( 8 mm diameter) Fall off. In order to save cost and save time, decided to bolt to welding, specific welding method is: use wet cotton covered in oil and gas filter at the bottom of the first to the position of the welding bolts around, with a diameter of 2. 5 mm for spot welding current electrode is small. ( 2) Oil and gas filter of the old gasket clever clean dismantling the old oil and gas filter, found the gasket firmly stick to the oil and gas filter installed on the cylinder. Remove the original way is: the seal out oil, remove gasket, oil will seal clastic rinse again. Not only time consuming, and waste oil, still can't guarantee completely remove gasket debris. We came up with a new method, specific as follows: with wire ( Diameter of about 3 mm) Made a simple cross bracket, bag set, then put it in the oil pump, determine the seal clearance seal after strong. Like people to conduct regular maintenance to bloom, the filter or oil filter for maintenance on a regular basis can also let them play a better role, prolonged use. 599. html
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