Teach you five minutes to change my car filter filter manufacturer

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-19
Both animals and plants, and the air are necessities of life, and the fog haze, dust and other problems have been endangering people healthy air, especially the fog seriously, go out a few layer mask is light, some people even directly sent to gas masks. And on the air, humans developed air filter, commonly used in automobile, effect is the same as the more wearing a mask, but the car filter used for a long time how to change? Please see the following: 1, first you have to open the hood, you how to open this needless to say, and then find the air filter box, usually to the right or left in the hood. 2, each model of the air filter box fixed method is different, usually in a similar button, use force to open it. Another kind is fixed by screws, pay attention to select good screwdriver, don't put the screw twist out of order, after that change is not so convenient. 3, some models is the air filter box can be completely open, and then pulled out the inside of the old air filter. If the filter was too dirty, pay attention to when out don't let the dust fell into it. 4: positive feeling not dirty? In turn to see, too dirty to frighten to death you, this is China's air quality! 5: remember to control their vehicle models to buy, or you don't go in. 6, put a new air filter in the air filter box, in particular to check on the edge of the sealing, prevent the installation does not reach the designated position, finally put the air filter lifted the lid, fasten the metal buttons. You're done! Replace the air filter of the vehicle in the air more clear and natural, and you will find that can more readily refueling, still can reduce fuel consumption. 589. html
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