Standards of the diesel filter is what

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-05
Is when a lot of equipment in the production, there will be a filter, oil filter, only such product at the time of production will not have what problem, would be a lot higher in purity, so if the filters in the oil filter equipment has problems will make the product there will be some impact. Different filter will have different standards, the following air filter manufacturer for what is said diesel filter diesel filter applied in hydraulic system, is used to filter out particles and rubber debris impurity in the system to ensure the purity of the hydraulic system. 1, strength requirement, making complete degree requirements, under differential pressure and under external force installation, carry the differential alternating load of 2, diesel oil filter oil flow, flow resistance characteristics of 3, resistant to high temperature, and the working medium incompatible displacement of 4, filter layer fiber cannot fall off and 5, and to carry large sewage of 6 normal 7, high altitude and cold areas, fatigue resistance, fatigue strength under alternating flow 8 cleanliness, diesel filter itself to amount to mark so only reached the standard of the above said at the time of use will not have what problem, most of the time is because that some components have no problem to make the time won't have what problem in production. Filter manufacturer to remind my friends at the time of production must be careful when you pay more attention to his own safety. 552. 超文本标记语言
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