Some of the air compressor air filter processing

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-23
Air compressor air filter is a kind of products are good in our life, and are more common on the market, especially in car industry, but the air compressor air filter sometimes also can appear some problems, then you know what's the problem? Below we air filter manufacturer to and everybody to introduce! Air compressor air filter treatment 1, on a flat surface in turn tap filter of two ends, to remove most of the heavy and dry dust. 2, with less than 0. 28 mpa along with dry air inhaled air blowing in the opposite direction, nozzle and folding paper less 25 mm apart, and along the length direction, and the blow. 3, if the oil filter, should dissolve in presence of foam detergent in warm water washing, dipping filter at least 15 minutes in the warm water, and washed clean water carry of hose, don't use heating methods to make it speed up drying, a filter can be washed five times, and then discarded cannot reoccupy. Put one light for inspection within 4, filter, such as found that thinning, pinhole or damaged should be abandoned. More than four points is the air compressor air filter approach, we can do more to understand when to use it so there is a big help to us, and can also have impact to our life, because this is a good product, can buy in need, also is our air filter manufacturer production product free compressor air filter, oil filter, etc. This kind of products, have need can contact our manufacturer, with good air compressor air filter is to be responsible for their own, is also responsible for the manufacturers, and quality is bad, don't buy oh. 647. html
Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a HEPA air filters fan filter units in place.
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