Several types and characteristics of filter oil machine

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-14
Oil filter is a kind of internal parts of machine to filter, oil filter are mostly used in the inside of the filter oil machine, so the filter oil machine is very useful in life now is a product, let's to say with you filter oil machine what types in the production and living, and what are the typical features of all kinds. Filter oil machine types and characteristics of general we give classification is based on filter materials and filter oil machine by it's structure, according to the filter oil machine placed is different, also can be divided into suction machine, pressure filter and oil filter oil machine, considering the self-priming performance of the pump, oil absorption for coarse filter, filter oil machine is currently use most by two net and line spacing. ( 1) Line gap type oil filter oil machine line gap type filter press, with steel wire or aluminum wire for a tightly wound in the external cylindrical skeleton to form a filter, rely on the tiny gaps between the copper wire filter out the impurities mixed with liquid. Its simple structure, large flow capacity, filtration precision is higher than net type filter oil machine, but not easy to clean, oil return filter oil machine. 2) Net type oil filter oil machine for web type filter press, its filter with copper network filtering material, in the surrounding open have a porous plastic or metal cylindrical skeleton, wrapped in a layer or two layers of copper wire mesh, the filter accuracy depends on the copper layer number and the size of the mesh net. This kind of oil filter machine has simple structure, large flow capacity, easy to clean, but low filtering precision, commonly used in hydraulic pump oil suction mouth. About filter oil machine is first said to here, you may need to know the detailed product center, contact us if you have want to buy can telephone consultation order, we are a factory production of filter manufacturers and air filter, oil filter products in need can contact us, welcome merchants with dalian needs. 642. 超文本标记语言
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