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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-17
Now the development of society, people life level unceasing enhancement, industrialization is becoming more and more advanced. Now the appearance of the people are not satisfied with slow speed on foot or by bus. People now enjoy a higher quality of life, more and more people will choose to buy private cars to convenient their own actions. So now, more and more private cars on the market. Increase in the number of private cars allows more people to go where you want to go. Convenient for people's quality of life. Including private cars such as the inside of the car in for travel or work when there is a very important component, has been running. Is the filter. Lubricating oil filter in the system in order to make the lubricating oil flow unimpeded, avoid scratches, hair parts surface impurities, oil before sent to the friction surface, must go through strict filtration. To achieve a satisfactory effect of filtering, and oil resistance increases, the general way of the strainer and the main oil series, fine filter and the main oil passage in parallel. 1, float type oil filter, in order to make oil pump work well, must be the larger particles in the lubricating oil before entering the oil pump to remove impurities, the task set by the filter. It joins in the oil pump inlet, oil pump, the oil from the slit between the cover and float inhaled, through the mesh filter to bulky after impurities, the welding pipe into the oil pump on the float. When the mesh is silting up, and into the tubing suction increases, overcome mesh of powerful and bad mouth leave cover, engine oil and without screen directly from the ring into the suction mouth of tubing. 2, strainer series between the oil pump and main oil way, so it is also called the full flow filter, used to remove larger impurities from the oil. Is mainly composed of cap, shell, paper filter and by-pass valve, etc. When the engine is working, with pressure lubricating oil into filter around into the filter within the cavity around the oil in a large impurity is blocked by paper filter, and clean the oil into the filter element inner cavity, and then through the oil outlet into the cylinder block of main oil way. 3, fine filter, its function is to filter out smaller impurities in lubricating oil, usually with the main oil passage in parallel, which has two kinds of centrifugal and paper plate. 4, centrifugal fine filter structure: a hollow shaft fixed on the shell, the daughter and the end set into an organic whole, is located in the thrust bearing, can turn freely around the rotor shaft. Gland nut tighten rotor turn cover and daughter together, in the spring compression, in order to limit the rotor axial movement, under the rotor is equipped with two mutual into reverse nozzle. When the engine is running, from a small part of the oil pump pumping oil, the oil into the filter. When oil pressure is lower than 9 s kpa, the oil pressure limiting valve closed, fine filter doesn't work. Filter also has many kinds, different species have different functions, in the installation and manufacture of the vehicle will also choose to use more how to filter for installation and use of vehicle performance. Filter more convenient use of the motion of the vehicle, to reduce the vehicle damage. Filter manufacturers in the production of high quality filter, air filter, oil filter. Welcome to inquire. 614. 超文本标记语言
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