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Role of Clean Pass box in Pharmaceutical Environment


According to the requirement of "two certificates in one", China actively promotes the integration of administrative licensing 

for drug production and GMP certification into an administrative licensing, and the integration of administrative licensing for drug 

management and GSP certification into an administrative licensing. This also means that the pharmaceutical production and operation 

standards will be more stringent and unified, and the industry will undergo major adjustments.


Drugs are special commodities, and their production conditions are affected by many aspects. Among them,

 Cleanroom inside air cleanliness is an important factor to measure health standards in pharmaceutical workshops. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, clean equipment has done a lot of work for the pharmaceutical workshop.

 Among them, the pass box is the necessary auxiliary equipment in the clean room.

 Pass box is mainly used to transfer small items between clean areas and between clean areas and non-clean areas, 

so as to reduce the number of clean room openings and the degree of pollution to clean rooms.


According to different types, pass box can be divided into ordinary pass boxes, wall-mounted pass thrus, 

air shower pass box and dynamic  pass box. Pass box can greatly reduce pollutant emissions.

At present, the pass box has been widely used in pharmaceutical industry, biological experiments and micro-technology, 

and has become an  important equipment in the air purification industry.

The present is the age of customization. 

According to the needs of customers, 

many purification equipment manufacturers customize professional pass box equipment to meet the needs of more markets. 

For example, Guangzhou HaoAir Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. has introduced two types of transmission windows,

 long-distance and short-distance, and can also customize various non-standard sizes and floor-type transmission windows according to customer needs.

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