Oil filter often encounter problems in use

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-08
Oil filter is a kind of very important components, whether it's in the car or machinery and equipment, are very effective, it can be effective to filter impurities in oil, petrol is more pure, also can make the mechanical equipment better job, then today let it says oil filter filter manufacturers often encounter problems in use. A problem at the bottom of the oil filter, oil filter at the bottom of the perforation perforation, except a few because of the steel plate have sand holes, more reason is shell steel material. Bottom is easy to punch, have some relationship with the shell thickness, but it is not the main reason. Steel material is bad, because at the bottom of the water, impurities such as precipitation, it is easy to cause the oil at the bottom of the filter by corrosion perforation, like a person resistance is poor, a little bit by cold catches a cold. Steel material is the key, the oil filter with good quality at the bottom of the perforation, occasionally but perforation probability is very low. Second, the seal oil 1. Seal material problem, poor seal temperature resistance, oil filter will shrink after a period of time, resulting in seal oil leakage or spill. 2. Die verticality bad mouth ( Is not a standard of 90 degrees to the vertical) And results in uneven around the seal ( Left and right side tilt error limit is zero. 3 mm, more than for the unqualified) , just start the installation, due to the elastic correction by the sealing ring will not leak, use after a period of time there will be some shrinkage, because the seal on the other side of the great error in the thermal contraction, sealing ring elasticity decreased, sealed performance is greatly reduced, would have started to leak. Oil filter is used in order to better service of mechanical equipment, also be used to paint in the car, the oil filter also need regular maintenance and cleaning work, so as to guarantee the better use of oil filter and better service, also in order to prolong the service life of oil filter, has the need to filter, air filter, oil filter, welcome to inquire. 636. html
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