Oil dry cleaners filter replacement method is what

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-11
Some equipment in the accessories are a lot of, because this is made at the time of production can meet the production requirement, because the device is in use is a very long time, so for equipment filter, air filter, oil filter and other accessories can produce different degrees of injury, will have certain influence for the production. So you need to be replaced, the air filter manufacturer said for oil dry cleaners filter replacement method is: 1, the first to find an empty cans, oil in the tank with oil extractor smoke into the empty cans. 2, open the discharge of oil on the filter cartridge valve, filter cartridge in the natural flow of oil to fuel tank ( Best placed a night) And flow to the fuel tank of oil pumping into the barrel. 3, open the cover of filter cylinder, pull out your old filter. In 4, the filter cartridge with cotton and sort out the mud tank. 5, the new filter in the filter cartridge ( Usually put two normal dry cleaners a filter cartridge filter) , carpet mat also to put good, turn off the filter cylinder cover screw down the screws. 6, the dirty oil tank and pump into the fuel tank ( Don't will be at the bottom of the barrel when pumping mud pumped into the tank) C) 7, of the oil discharge valve in the closed filter. Cover the cap. Start the loop filter, oil filter, can wash the clothes. So will note when using such ability enables the equipment to good production, so that his life is smooth, filter manufacturer to remind when in use must pay attention to safety. 554. html
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