New energy vehicles above pump air filter cleaning cycle is how many?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-09
New energy vehicles in our life now is the mainstream status, because the price of oil more expensive, driving speed is quick, but takes oil, so actually buying a car is a waste of money! But the development of new energy vehicles can better help you solve this problem, because it does not need to use the oil, but do you know the inside of the new energy automobile pump air filter cleaning cycle is? Follow us air filter manufacturer to find out! Pump air filter cleaning cycle can according to the practical application experience to determine this, such as running a week still very clean, permeability is very good, so, may be extended appropriately cleaning cycle. Good running environment and high air cleanliness, clean frequency will be low, high conversely. Pump air filters should be simultaneous with the engine air filter cleaning. So you understand? In fact there is no fixed pump air filter cleaning cycle, but is a good cleaning once a week is good for us, so if you compare busy can also once every two weeks, otherwise don't wash, because this to our new energy vehicles has certain influence! 658. html
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