Manufacturer to remind you to change the fuel filter to pay more attention

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-09
Your car is in the use of a period of time, may be about to change the fuel filter. In general must be replaced 30000 km or so, but if too much impurity of early replacement. When change the fuel filter should pay attention to what? The following by the manufacturer to tell you. 1. Clean the area around the fuel filter cover, filter, clean fuel filter cover seal surface; 2. Change the type O sealing ring; 3. Will be after 72 hours after precipitation of clean fuel to fill the new filter, or into the air in the fuel oil system, the engine will have difficulty starting operation instability phenomenon. Hao love auto parts co. , LTD. , is specialized in the production of filter manufacturers, is the first choice when you replace the fuel filter. The quality of the product is everything, good service will make you satisfied. 584. 超文本标记语言
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