Maintenance of air compressor air filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-21
The operation of the air compressor air filters for equipment is very important, we all know that the air compressor air filter dust and other substances that enter the system main function is to filter clean, ensure the normal operation, and as our air conditioner, use the time is long, with a lot of dust particles on the filter is very influence human health and work efficiency of equipment, so on a regular basis to maintain clean is very important, let's say air compressor air filter manufacturers how to maintain clean air filter. How to maintain air compressor air filter 1. Open the cover. Loosen the air filter retaining bolt, take out the filter. 2. Check the air filter clogging situation, the use of compressed air purge and clean the dust from inside to outside, pay attention to the compressed air pressure is less than 0. 3MPa. Air filter should be replaced when there is any breakage, check whether the air filter is broken can use electric light in air filter, if there is a light show in the external observation. 3. Filter surface is stained with oil should be replaced when new air filter. 4. Clean or replace filter back cover good end cover. 5. Check air filter equipped with differential pressure switch to normal, preset values less than 50 kpa. This is empty filter method of maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance is necessary to it, we are filter manufacturers, sell air compressor air filter, oil filter, welcome to inquire. 656. html
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