Know the equipment of the filter to replace what is the standard

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-04
In order to be able to let the equipment in the process of use will not change because of the impurity is not smooth, will be used in the process of using the filter, oil filter equipment, so that equipment in the process of use is not due to other reasons cannot be used very well. So how to achieve technical standards to be replaced? Now filter manufacturer for you what the oil filter replacement standard: 1, the actual use of time to design life time after the replacement. Oil filter design life usually for 2000 hours. It expires must be replaced. Air compressor with poor environmental conditions should be shorten use time. 2, the design service life period of jam alarm immediately after to replace, oil filter clogging alarm set point usually is 1. 0 - 1. 4bar。 Blocked if not replace filter will lead to insufficient host lubricating oil is insufficient, the host life serious shorten; Filter after damage unfiltered oil with large amounts of metal particles impurities into the host, leading to damage of the host. Such cases can be very good for replacement, so that there will be no problem for equipment, as well as the problems in production well. 565. html
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