Jinhua air filter manufacturer on oil and gas separation of components

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-01
Jinhua air filter manufacturer on oil and gas separation of components. Car above all need to install the air filter, this is to ensure the normal operation of air compressor and must be installed. There is another important element of the air compressor is the separation of oil and gas components, affects the quality of the air filter. Let's jinhua air filter manufacturers talk about the specific content. Jinhua air filter manufacturer on oil and gas separation of components is decided to air compressor compressed air quality of the key components, the quality of the oil and gas separation device not only can ensure the high efficiency of the compressor work, and the filter service life can amount to thousands of hours. From the compression head out of the compressed air entrainment, big and small oil droplets. Lard drops through oil and gas separator is easy separation, and small oil droplets ( Below 1 um diameter suspended particles) Must be through the oil and gas separation filter of micron and glass fiber filter material layer filtration. Jinhua air filter manufacturer on the spread of the oil particles by the filter material, directly blocked by filter material and the condensation of inertia collision mechanism, make the compressed air in the suspended particles quickly condenses into lard oil drops and oil under the action of gravity concentration in oil at the bottom of the core, by importing returns at the bottom of the sunken place return pipe head lubricating oil system, so that more pure and oil-free compressed air compressor discharge. As the oil core using time growth, when the oil core differential pressure reaches 0. 08 to zero. 1 mpa, the filter must be replaced, or increase the compressor running cost ( Power consumption) 。 676. 超文本标记语言
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