Install the air filter for air intake system will be

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-06
Why there are so many on the market of oil filter, and air filter, such as few equipment, mainly in the device so can't be without them, why? Actually literally would have been very good to know, but to people can very good use of these equipment, air filter manufacturer from the aspects of air intake system why are to install the air filter. Air intake system is to filter the dust in the air, allowing plenty of clean air into the cylinder, to ensure that the air intake system of firmness, engine working. Sucked into the cylinder diesel engine with less air at work, clean it or not, the air filter manufacturer directly affect the performance of the diesel engine, and mechanical wear. If the air intake resistance is big, the inhaled air quantity is insufficient, incomplete combustion exhaust smoke, power down, fuel consumption and increase the number of the air in the cylinder, if inhalation of dust and mechanical impurities, air filter manufacturer will lead to the liner, piston and piston ring early wear of the parts, also cause the loss of power, fuel consumption increase. If the engine is not installed air filter, cylinder, air filter manufacturer of piston and piston ring wear 4 - increase from normal Eight times, shorten its service life, make the engine quickly lose the ability to work. Therefore, the engine no air filter is absolutely not allowed. So if equipment without these accessories will be in the process of using equipment performance suffered injuries, so for any equipment is not enough, so when installation should pay attention to these components is missing. 564. 超文本标记语言
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