How to replace car oil filter?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-04
Is every part has its own function, that's not what you don't know the parts and components to use, filter in the car is very important, long-term use can cause jams, oneself how to replace the auto oil filter? 1. Start the vehicle engine preheating 5 - 10 minutes, the oil pollutant are more likely to evaporate out of the heat engine, and can make the machine is more efficient to filter removed when 2. For the convenience of oil change, parked in a lifting machine, production and shut down the engine pulled a handbrake 3. Open the engine hood, find engine oil cover position, and turn it back off, such doing can make dirty oil flow before 4. After the car rises, placed at the bottom of the engine of a barrel, screw down the screw oil ( When it is necessary to remove the engine protection plate) 5. Dirty oil discharge completely to pick up cans in 6. After put the oil, the oil drain screw installation, when it is necessary to use a new gasket and tighten 7 according to the requirements of manufacturers. Replace the oil filter: place a pick up cans in the bottom of the oil filter, using the oil filter wrench to remove the filter, with a clean cotton cloth wipe the surface clean 8. Using the new oil filter daub sealing ring, manual filter installed, when the gasket to twist again after 9 3/4 to 1 ring. Join the right amount of engine oil, the main according to the manufacturer of machine oil tank volume and types of 10. Using oil feet, check the oil, the oil should be higher than mark, this is because the part of the oil has not entered the filter 11. Tighten the oil cap and start the engine, pay attention to check oil filter and oil drain screw 12. Shut down the engine, to check the oil position of air filter can block is a lot of dust, and the service life is the need to maintain can ascend, and is to choose high quality is the need to select reliable filter filter manufacturers, so it is more secure. 580. html
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