How to determine whether the air filter need to be replaced?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-06
Environment problem is increasingly serious in recent years, not only is that we live in air, and important water is polluted, too, in order to drink to safe water, consumers are starting to use all kinds of filter, used to filter out the impurities and harmful substances in the water, that how to judge whether in the water purifier filter should be replaced? Air filter manufacturers suggest you look at this time. One, the water yield when water filter out of the water flow is small, can't meet the needs of the normal ( Filter blockage, should be cleaning filter in order to return to normal traffic, or after cleaning the flow is small, can't meet the demand of normal people. Second, the palate when water purifier water drop palate with tap water, the tap water does not remove chlorine taste, account activated carbon filter water purifier has adsorption saturation, activated carbon, at this time, the water purifier filter element should be replaced. Three, use fixed number of year of general water purifier filter life are generally in a year or two years or so, if the water purifier filter the useful life of more than two years, in most cases the filter should be replaced, and, if change the frequency of the filter element or between differ for a long time, the water purifier purify the effect can not meet the demands we expected, it also is to have the damage for water purifier. There are also some people would say use fixed number of year of the filter element need not care about this mistake, is not only need to pay attention to in the water purifier filter fixed number of year, there is need to use in the car of oil filter is also must pay attention to the use fixed number of year, all of these are affecting the life and safety of goods. 603. html
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