How to correct the installation of air compressor air filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-06
Air compressor air filter everyone not unfamiliar, certainly as an important component of air filter, it is very common in our life, common on the cars we use every day has the sound, a lot of home appliance to also want to use it. We all know it, but you know how it is installed, today our air filter manufacturers said the correct installation of air compressor air filter what need to pay attention to. The correct installation of air compressor air filter, working pressure must not exceed 1 indicated the maximum pressure of the filter; 2 general to install in the cooler, filter and storage tanks, close to use point and low temperature; 3, the filter should not be installed after the quick opening valve, and to prevent backflow and impact phenomenon; 4, filters should be installed vertically, and leave enough space below replacement filter; 5, large filter proper support in the pipeline. In normal times we should not only rely on visual inspection to determine whether air filter clogging. Filter to remove the number of the more frequently, impurities fall off from the filter and into the air inlet of the more opportunities. This is the correct air compressor air filter installation method, the hope can help to you, if you need air compressor air filter, pump air filter, oil filter, wang advisory welcome call contact us air filter manufacturer. 653. html
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