How often do we want to change an air filter?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-10
The car engine in the car is played a crucial role, the key parts is also needs to be very precision parts, air filter plays a main role in among them, tell you how long will it take to change a filter manufacturer air filter. The effect of air filter x0d automobile engine is the key part of the whole car, it is very precision parts, because the job needs a lot of air and gasoline engine in combustion, if no air filter or lose work, suspended impurities in the air into the cylinder, piston and cylinder friction, possible severe scuffing phenomenon. Oil filter and air filter, they are equivalent to the patron saint of the engine, through the role of purification, filtration in air dust, sand, avoid engine is affected by external interference of impurities and normal work. Engine to maintain a good, long service life, a lot of part lies in the filter of protection. x0d some say change once every fifteen thousand kilometers, or change once every twenty thousand kilometers, or thirty thousand kilometers, fifty thousand kilometers in again, and so on. Different versions, it's nothing, also said that in front of filter replacement has a great relationship with the environment, depending on the air filter inhalation of dust and sand quantity has a lot to do, because it depends on the air filter, such as the amount of dust and impurities. A simple analogy, if has the same car travel between the cities, through the dust concentration is larger than it villages, mountains, maybe two or three years in a it doesn't matter, because the dust content in air is low relative to the mountains. So, air filter replacement is no absolute standard. If referring to the car, this is no, you have to do is check in the usual maintenance, pay more attention to the air cleaner, see if internal clean or there is dust accumulation, internal if very dirty, it must be cleaned or replaced. Products is so much today, but the oil filter is necessary, competitiveness is very big, so the air filter manufacturers more on their products to enhance quality, safeguard consumers to buy is good. 578. html
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