How long can portable air filter be used?
We ensure the long service life of our portable air filter . To achieve this, we are really strict in the selection of raw materials and pay great attention to detail in the production. But no matter how high quality it is, after long-time use/storage, it can wear out and become damaged. It is of utmost importance that you give some attention to maintenance so that the product can perform reliably until the last day you use them. If you have any question about maintenance and storage, please contact us. We are more than happy to help.

Over the years, Guangzhou HaoAir Purification Technology Co.,Ltd. has been putting efforts on the R&D, design, and production of bag filter. We have been regarded as one of the competitive manufacturers in the industry. HaoAir Purification has created a number of successful series, and hepa filter manufacturers is one of them. With quality inspection from third-party companies, each phase of manufacturing is monitored so users can be confident that HAOAIRTECH laminar flow hood is the most responsibly produced bedding in the market. Automatic operation is the highlight of the product. Wearing this product improves the health and the comfort of the wearer's feet and our body because it distributes the stress evenly. The product assures an extremely high-efficient manufacturing process.

Relying on cleanroom supplies, HAOAIRTECH aims to promote cleanroom equipment industry. Inquire!
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