How clean the air filter? Don't be scared

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-31
A car is a lot of boys's wife. Many consumers are hurt his own car. Average car open, open to 5000 kilometers, or half a year later will go to the maintenance. If the air filter with dust, a lot of the old driver will say once ok, in fact this vile indeed a way. Very easy to cause the engine to scrap. Why do you say? To tell you truth air filter manufacturer. In the process of normal maintenance, some car out of the oil while hair brown, but there is some transparency. Although some normal maintenance according to the mileage and time, but out of viscous oil black opaque. Then why did this happen? Its essential reason is only one, from an external impurities into the cylinder, and the amount is not small, can be polluted oil sump oil. In the engine this precision machine, can only two ways to enter the engine. First, the oil supply system. Likely is the use of the poor quality of fuel or unqualified fuel treasure, sulfide damage the weak alkaline cleaning dispersing agent of lubricating oil, oil incomplete combustion of organic material destruction. Resulting in black sticky. Second, the air intake system. Air filter, a large number of dust into the cylinder, resulting in lubricating oil deterioration. Filter and lube oil how to deal with our first from the air filter structure, cars are now dry type filter, the filter material mostly print and thermoforming or fabric cloth, has the very good air through sex and dust adsorption, its internal mesh structure once adsorption, impurities are difficult to reverse direction, if use compressed air to blow, strong airflow along the dust particle damage fiber structure, expand the clearance, adsorption filtration function failure, this will only make more impurities into the engine. Someone will say, that I gently blow not just, good thinking, but in fact no matter how to blow will destroy the fiber structure. More terrible is the dust composition is sio2, the hardness is second only to diamond, hardness is greater than the cylinder wall and piston ring, finally will only cause these things into the cylinder piston parts such as abnormal wear and tear, serious word will damage the cylinder wall, cause the engine running out of steam. However, the old driver said hard blow did feel the engine air intake more smoothly. That's because just blowing gas qiang filter clearance, reduced to make the engine air intake resistance reduced the absolute load, so open up and feel relaxed. Although short time doesn't feel all cylinder internal abnormal wear and tear, but the dust will be combined oil and steam as sludge, the sludge after combustion is the carbon deposition, it won't be long before the engine is the obvious demanding. More die within these steam cools returns to the oil sump, in less than three months will make oil filter scrap, the dust is along with the oil pump in the engine cycle again and again, the friction in the engine friction, just bumps in the total synthesis of oil was scrapped. Love is not? Since can't blow it with it, then? General air filter is tied, and the transport environment air quality in the city basic changing filter element, an oil change cycle often run site suggestion in frequently. Is now a lot of filter manufacturers and consumers will choose. If there is dust air compressor air filter, filter, the best way is to go to maintenance in replacement, rather than feel processing is simple, just casual place where, if not careful engine burned, is really waste. So, remember don't be penny wise and pound foolish, timely maintenance is as good as an option. Filter manufacturers selling high quality air compressor air filter, oil filter. Interested in welcome to inquire. 645. html
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