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HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery

HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery
  • HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery
  • HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery
  • HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery

HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery

Extensive physical performance tests for HAOAIRTECH open air shower have been carried out. These tests include slip and flex cracking resistance testing, bond adhesion testing, seam & attachment strength testing, and colorfastness testing.
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Introduction :

In the modern electronics industry , the control requirements for dust are getting higher and higher , and the level of clean room also becomes higher and higher .
In order to meet the requirements of modern electronics industry , using the original wind of the air shower , the ions emitted by the static eliminator are quickly taken out , this anti-static air shower room not only can blow out the dust from the human body , but also eliminate the static electricity in the human body and the air .

Application :

Various manufacturing industries such as electronics , optoelectronics , semiconductors , plastics , films , and printing .

Features :

1. Anti - static air shower room’s cabinet adopts power coated steel which is generally sprayed with anti - static spray metal ink with anti - static function . The coating has good adhesion, toughness , abrasion resistance , gloss and color retention , high gloss and decorative .
2. In addition to the electrostatic ion bar installed inside the anti - static air shower , and it will reach the blowing area with the wind blown through the nozzle , and then the static electricity on the surface of the person or object is neutralized , which helps to achieve the goal of eliminating static electricity .
3. The anti - static air shower room is equipped with a 360-degree adjustable stainless steel nozzle , which can minimize dust particles . Moreover , the blowing time can be adjusted freely from 0 to 99s , and the factory setting time is usually 15 seconds .
4. Anti - static air shower room can be equipped with infrared automatic induction , intelligent control panel , human voice prompt function . In addition , an emergency stop device is also provided . When the air shower fails , the power supply can be quickly cut off , so that all the doors of the anti-static air shower are opened . The safety of the user is largely ensured .
5. The anti - static air shower can fundamentally eliminate the root cause of static electricity , ensure the product quality of the electronics industry , and improve production efficiency .


HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery-1

HAOAIRTECH goods air shower room channel for oil refinery-2


Anti-static Air Shower



HA – AP2


External Size





Internal Size





Persons per cycle

1-2 persons

2-4 persons


Air Shower Duration

Factory set at 15 seconds (0-99s adjustable)


Power coated steel

SUS Nozzle




Fan Consumption

750w*1 set

750w*2 sets

750w*3 sets

Fan Speed


Fluorescent Lamp




Noise Level


Hepa filter




99.99% @0.3um







75% @5um





380V / 50HZ

Anti-static ion bar Features
It is a rod type, horizontal type static eliminator.
* Made of the latest patented anti-static technology, excellent electrical performance indicators.
* With two sets of independent positive and negative high voltage electrodes, long service life.
*Special strip slots on the bottom of the rod, which can be fixed by bolts.
*Works under high voltage and micro current conditions, and has good safety performance.
* Eliminate static electricity and have good ion balance.


HAOAIRTECH air shower room undergoes various inspections and scrutinizations. The accuracy of the hangtag and label, the workmanship defects, and the confirmation quality of the piece will be checked in a strict manner.
HAOAIRTECH air shower room complies with a range of national mandatory regulations and standards. They are GB 18383-2001, GB 18401-2003, GB 9994-1988, and GB 6529-1986.
Many important performance tests for HAOAIRTECH air shower room have been conducted. They include slip resistance, abrasion resistance, rubbing colorfastness, bacteria resistance, and washability tests.
HAOAIRTECH air shower room is inspected in various aspects. The pattern correction is checked based on size set garments measurement, the cut panels inspected before inputting to the sewing section, and fabric bonding strength checked after fusing.
The materials used for HAOAIRTECH open air shower are certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for its compliance with the standards of HDTV product video performance engineered for Calibration.
Statistical quality control technology is adopted in the production process to ensure the consistency of quality.
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