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by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-12
Our country population, almost every are have a car. , of course, for these cars is very protective, which replace the gas filter is very often can reflect whether love car, filter factory tell you generally better in a couple of times. As is known to all, the service life of automobile fuel filter in ten thousand kilometers, of course, this is not absolutely, we also needs to be changed depending on the best opportunity, and the actual situation of car use to consider. Small make up through interviews with some experienced old drivers and repair shop around teacher, learned that the fuel filter at the time of change, the air filter and oil filter is usually change at the same time. At present, in general, as a maintenance regularly changing a/the effective method of engine, in this way can effectively reduce engine wear, can prolong the service life of it. When cleaning, should remove the filter face gently, from the inside to the outside of the compressed air to blow, to clear the dust on the core, do not use gasoline or water washing. Every twenty-five thousand km must replace the air filter. Fuel filter, at present most of the car engine is using a rotary type oil filter, this filter is not disposable filter unpick and wash, when oil change must replace the oil filter at the same time, otherwise it will affect the quality of the lubricating oil. Change oil and oil filter cycle, generally is five thousand kilometers. Fuel filter. At present most of the engine jacket is one-time cannot unpick and wash type paper filter, fuel filter imported filter replacement cycle is commonly 10000 km. Filter the oil in and out of the mouth arrow mark, to replace when not installed backwards. In general, if your product quality is stable, such as first-line cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, basic couldn't get on any remote areas, the case steam filter suggest changing once every 30000 kilometers, the oil pump of every 100000 km or replaced with pump failure. Replace the air filter regularly is necessary, air filter manufacturers provide ample supply, regular maintenance and maintenance of vehicles, require a certain way, you don't know how to solve the problems, must go where professional repair. 570. html
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