For what is your detailed air filter maintenance details

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-10
Our city life now in what kind of cases, believes that many people know, especially the air pollution, easily the haze, so for our life and work is great, so now there are different effect of filtering products on the market. But because of time on the use of air filter, oil filter, etc will gradually appear the phenomenon of failure, it is no good, so today air filter manufacturer for you on the air filter maintenance details. Air filter is the core component of the filter, made of special materials, belong to wearing parts, require special maintenance and maintenance. When filters after long time work, the filter has blocked certain impurities, will lead to the increase of the pressure, the decrease of the flow, this time you need in a timely manner to clean. In the process of air filter cleaning, it is important to note that cannot make filter deformation or damage. In general PP filters need to replace three months; Activated carbon filter six months need to change; And because fiber filter can't clean, usually placed in the back-end of the PP cotton and activated carbon use, not easy to cause congestion; Usually can use 9 - ceramic filter 12 months. Details in the process of maintenance issues it is important to note that in this way can make us in the process of using won't have what effect, can also will decline in the use of the function of these products will not have phenomena appear. 560. html
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