Fine filter in oilfield reinjection sewage terminal handling process the application

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-08
Filter the main role of impurity, or other need to filter material to filter. We all know that a lot of products produced by the impurities, always grace dog bring enormous damage to mechanical equipment itself, a filter, can avoid the influence of impurities of mechanical equipment. Filter manufacturer to and strike today about terminal filter in oilfield sewage recycle the application in the process of fine processing. Titanium microporous membrane filter is mainly used in oilfield reinjection sewage terminal fine processing. This kind of membrane after plasma treatment, the surface has a certain ability of hydrophilic fumed oil. Titanium is a kind of noble metal, excellent corrosion resistance, titanium metal as raw materials of titanium membrane, can be in strong acid, strong alkali and contain organic solvent medium filtering, chemical performance is stable. Crude fiber in the titanium membrane layer of support materials, and has high mechanical strength, a very small diameter of fiber layer used for filtering, fine fiber in concentrate side, in case the particles penetrate the filter medium, avoid fast plug titanium membrane filter. Crude fiber and fine fiber layer is by vacuum sintering in a whole, so the mechanical properties especially good. For different material, the principle of filtering is due to the nature of the material itself and decide, but the final purpose is the same, is to a certain kind of woodiness to crawl through a certain method, then, and it were mixed together to eliminate in the material. 577. 超文本标记语言
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